What Does the US Election Mean for Protecting the Climate? | webinar

Online https://bit.ly/37M4sNo 29. 10. 19:00 - 20:00
What Does the US Election Mean for Protecting the Climate? | webinar
After three and a half years of the Trump administration's shocking and devastating policies on climate protection and energy transition, the world will be watching to see what direction the US will take on November 3, when the US will vote for its next President. From leaving the Paris Accord to removing national pollution standards, the Trump Presidency put the US in stark opposition to the urgent need we have for climate action. The election has many of us wondering, what would another Trump presidency mean for climate protection? How much different would it be under Biden? What exactly is the US Green New Deal? What are the implications for international climate politics under a Trump or Biden presidency? How is Brussels already preparing for either candidate winning? 
To discuss these questions and answer your own, we invite you to join us for an online webinar on 29 October at 19:00.
Joining us will be:

Shilpa Joshi builds and manages coalitions in the United States to push for state governments to take action on the climate crisis. She has worked on anti-fracking and clean energy policy campaigns across the country as an organizer, coalition director, and lobbyist for 14 years.
Sebastian Mang works as an EU climate and energy policy adviser for Greenpeace's European Unit. He has spent the past six years advocating for EU policies that deliver a rapid transformation of our energy system and for more EU climate action. Before he worked at the European Commission and for a Member of the UK Parliament in Westminster.
The discussion will be held in English and moderated by Morgan Henley, Project Manager at Greenpeace Czech Republic and a US native.
29. 10. 19:00 - 20:00

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