Why Culture Matters

Kdy: 13. 5. - 16. 5. 2022
Kde: Krzyzowa Foundation, Lower Silesia, Poland

How to make the transformative education more participatory, inclusive and allowing a multi-perspective approach? This question will guide us through the seminar.

This seminar is part of a bigger project where we collectively, in Polish-Czech-German group of trainers, researchers and educators explore the question why a cultural sensitive approach is necessary for socio-ecologic Transformation.

In the seminar we will present a first outline of the handbook we are working on, share first findings and collectively explore certain aspects of the topic. We will have external guests, sessions led by the project team and we also invite you for an active participation, especially on open space slots. We count on a vivid exchange, deep reflections on culturally sensitive transformative education and a great time in spring Krzyżowa educational centre.

Why Culture Matters


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